How to setup SSL3.IO


S3tup your domain

To let us be the gateway of your website, you need to add a A or a CNAME entry for you domain, pointing to our gateway.
If your website is the root domain (like, we will handle and To do so, add a A entry for going to and a CNAME entry for targeting gw.ssl3.IO.
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S3tup Metamask

To setup SSL3.IO, you need metamask and a polygon address with some MATIC. Metamask is the standard crypto wallet for blockchain apps. Once you have Metamask and your first address, you need to add the Polygon network to metamask. To do so, click on "Add a network" in Metamask, look for Polygon, and click on "Add".

S3tup your Link

SSL3.IO can work with the "dnslink" standard, but to have a better and faster experience, you can add a SSL3.IO link to your DNS setup. For example, if your domain is "", you just need to add a subdomain TXT entry like: TXT link=0xYourPolygonAddress. This setup let SSL3.IO knows that you are the owner of the domain, and let you configure your website.
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Connect your domain to SSL3.IO by filling the first input of the dashboard, and by clicking on "Connect". Metamask will ask you if you authorize the action, so you will need to click on "Confirm".

Conn3ct IPFS

To host your website on IPFS, you simply need to upload your folder by clicking on Files, then Import, then by selecting "folder". Once done, click on the checkbox on the left of your folder, then click on "Share", and copy the part starting by "/ipfs/" until the end. Paste this in the "Connect an IPFS link" input of the dashboard, and click on "Update". The index file of your website/app has to be index.html.
Add a folder

Start SSL3.IO

Last step, try to access your website with the http:// protocole (ex:, then SSL3.IO will automatically generate an SSL/HTTPS certificate for it. It's done, your website in online.

How to create a lambda function


Go to the rout3 tab

Once your domain is setup accordingly to the previous steps, and working, you can start to create routes. On the top right menu bar, simply click on the "route" link to show the route editor panel.

Cr3ate a rout3

In the second input (where you can read: the route: /hello/world), you can add your new route, for example: /hello. A route has to start with /. A route can also have wildcards or parameters characters. To have more details, please follow the link hereafter.

Add your cod3

For your route to do something, you have to code it. An example of code is shown inside the code editor, you can use this to test your route, or you can improve it. To have a more details about the available API, please follow the link hereafter.

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